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Create websites: FAQ

I want to know everything I should do to proceed with the creation dl site?

You need to send texts, pictures, videos, etc. to be d 'interest to potential visitors to the site, choose the web domain name ...

Our staff will guide you to the online registration.

Once payment is received, we will prepare three models relevant to your industry; in thirty days we are online.

How much are the taxes, what is the amount?

The annual fee is 20% of the agreed amount that is equivalent to withholding 'deposit applied to the parcel pour yourself.

Why applied rates so low?

It is not true that they are cheap ... just the cost; in our contracts, included in the price, there is the provision of assistance H24 to ensure maximum performance.

You can start a business selling online with reduced capital?

Given the quality / price ratio of our products, I would say so! All the major companies of the web, are born that way ... The economic aspect has a subsidiary value ...

I already have a website with 1and1 its domain, I would do again and keep the domain, you can?

Of course you, our customer support will help you carry everything.

What if, at the expiration of the free trial period I decide not to renew the service?

The web domain will still be yours, you can transfer it to another maintainer; our services will be deactivated and contents, with its website, deleted.

I lost the dominoes that had registered for my company, not the 'I renewed and a little later he took American provider, you can make me recover?

In many cases, yes. Complete your application using the form, we will do the checks and notify you of any costs for the 'operation that vary from operator to operator.

In addition to the site it realized also the content, photos, videos ...

We are organized to provide everything you need, we have a pool of professionals.

How many products can I upload in our e-commerce?

There are no limits of product, the catalog is arranged to receive a mass import of products.

It is simple to handle?

How to use the Word! The control panel is in Italian; It is expected to supply: user manuals, video tutorials and direct assistance with a professional webmaster.

Can I register for e-mail, a different domain than the website?

It's possible. In the pages of our site to choose the cut product agreeable to her.

I would like to make the promotion on Facebook, you do that too?

Of course it is, our company reserves special attention to social media marketing.

No doubt we can offer solutions that will bring a surplus in its activities.

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