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Web server Italian: virtual servers

Web server Italian: virtual serversOur services web servers free cloud dynamic provide maximum control and flexibility advanced. Your applications are hosted on server much powerful with processors Intel Xeon and disk Pure SSD RAID to ensure 24/7 server performance and accessibility.


Technical support 24/7 by mail for help with all issues you may encounter.

Start-up 10 euro/mo + TAX (1 month) / Setup Free

  • Domains included - 1
  • website trial gratis for 1 year(optional)
  • online selling trial free for three months (optional)
  • Facebook shop for sale on-line directly on the pages of FB (it requires SSL certificate)
  • payments takings in 190 countries - supports 21 currencies - safe and convenient
  • 75 euro advertising Google Adwords, implementation, optimization and control of the pay per click campaign on Google Adwords
  • training program in web engineering: seo (search engine optimizzation), sem (search engine marketing), social media marketing, viral marketing, local marketing
  • a webmaster which will help in the management of your website


Domains included 1 Connectivity 1 Gbps Video Google Adwords
Email account 10 MS SQL 2012 Database 5 Photo Service Facebook Shop
Disk space 2 Gb MS SQL 2012 Database limit
1 GB
Audio Google Shopping
Webmail FTP Users 10 Company logo Amazon
HTTPS SSL* Email boxes 10 Editing Ebay

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